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nt Work Report at the first session of the 13th National People's Congress.In line with the education ▓author

ities' guidelines, two district education bureaus in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province▓, issued new guidelines for schools that prioritized children's sleeping hours over academic work.According to the guidelines, primary school ▓pu

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pils in the two districts do not have to complete homework assignments if they have not f▓inished by 9 pm, while the cutoff point▓ is 10 pm for those in mid

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dle school.One area the authorities have pledged to crack down on is tuto▓ring institutions teaching children topics beyond the syllabus and holding competitions on academic subjects.About 160 after-school training institutions signed an agreeme▓nt at a China Association for Non-Governmental Education conference in Zhengzhou

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, Henan province, this m▓onth to avoid teaching beyond the syllabus, exam-oriented tutoring, mock exams and competitions on school subjects.They also agreed to forbid any connections with teachers in public schoo▓ls and the use of exaggerated a

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dvertise▓ments to lure students to tutoring classes. Yu Minhong, pre▓sident of New Oriental Education and Technology Group, a leading provider of after-school tutoring services, said after-school training institutions are an important supplement to the education s

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